We are now offering Occupation: Dreamland DVDs for sale

Individual Home Use $20.00 (domestic - including shipping) Buy Now

$25 (foreign orders outside the U.S. - including shipping) Buy Now

For indivual non-commerical consumer home use.

Non-Profit / Public Library / Secondary School $125.00 (including shipping) Buy Now

    * For a public library's collection    * To be shown in a secondary school classroom
  * For a registered non-profit organization that will use it for training or fundraising purposes

College / Government / Institutional $225.00 (including shipping) Buy Now

    * For a college/university library * To be shown in a college/university classroom
* On behalf of a governmental entity or for-profit enterprise

Purchase for non-profit/public library/educational/governmental/institutional use includes a license agreement
granting publicperformance rights for classroom, organizational or library use by theacquiring institution for
non-paying audiences only. An electronic copyof this license will be e-mailed to you following your purchase.

To arrange a festival, theatrical, or non-theatrical screening for purposes other than
those listed above (including fundraising), pleasecontact us at mg@rumur.com